Our programs and courses are based on classical scholarly works which present the most widely accepted teachings of our tradition. Students will find our robust and well rounded curriculum to be an invaluable resource along their journey to mastering the Islamic sciences and its supporting studies.
We strive to provide the most reliable resources for our student body and online visitors. Our wide array of media including essays, articles, books, translations, videos, and audio files are rich in content and presented with authenticity and relevancy as primary objectives.
Our student body is the heart of Al-Hikmah Institute and the driving force behind it's vision. As students of sacred knowledge, united in purpose, we seek to aid and assist one another in our righteous pursuits of both study and service. In order to help facilitate success we have set up a number of growing services.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About Al-Hikmah Institute

Q. Is this an accredited program?

A. Al-Hikmah Institute is a private institution of research and instruction which specializes in Islamic sciences and Arabic studies and not a college or university.  Our curriculum is based on classic Islamic scholarship and our program is a blend of traditional learning with a modern structure and therefore we do not issue degrees which require accreditation but issue a more traditional diploma, which is very specialized in nature, after successful completion of the program/course.

Q. Is Al-Hikmah Institute a "recognized" learning center?

A. Al-Hikmah Institute is a relatively new institution of research and instruction.  Our recognition with other organizations and teaching institutions will grow based on our results which include original research and the caliber of our students and graduates.

Q. What Madhhab (School of Islamic Jurisprudence) does Al-Hikmah Institute teach?

A. All fiqh classes are largely if not solely based on the Hanabli school. (Click here for more on the Hanbali school)

Q. What 'Aqidah (Islamic Creed) does Al-Hikimah Institute teach?

A. All 'Aqidah classes are based on the athari creed. (Click here for more on athari creed)

Diploma Program

Q. Is the Diploma Program online?

A. No, not yet. Online classes are available in our Independent Learning Program.

Q. What can I expect to learn in the Diploma Program?  Will I become a shaykh or a scholar after I complete the program?

A. Our diploma program curriculum will introduce the student to the classic primary resources of Islamic knowledge with thorough coverage of the most fundamental subjects. Participants will find this program to be a strong starting point to Islamic scholarship. Those dedicated to mastering this program will certainly be considered students of knowledge and will have embarked upon a great journey to fully understanding the faith.

Q: Will I become fluent in Arabic after completing the Arabic program?

A:  Learning a language is a very challenging task which requires a great deal of dedication and patience. Setting realistic expectations is essential to success. Our Arabic program is designed to help students achieve a working level of literary fluency in order to read and comprehend basic religious texts. Our curriculum will provide students with the essential tools required to achieve mastery with further study.

Q. Can I take courses without taking exams?

A. Yes. We do encourage that you enroll as a student in order to challenge yourself to achieve mastery but if you wish to simply audit a course, you are welcome to do so.

Q. Does tuition-free mean low quality?

A. Not at all! Getting what you pay for is often true with most things, however we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in course design and instruction.  If you wish to pay for a course to help support Al-Hikmah Institute, your support is greatly appreciated. If not, our hope in Allah's reward is sufficient to inspire!

Q. What is the minimum age for the Diploma Program?

A. We recommend High School Seniors and up to take this program.  The nature of the courses and the work load requires maturity and dedication.  Exceptions are certainly made for younger students who display a passion for learning and a mature character.

Q. What is the duration of the Diploma Program?

A. Based on a part-time schedule of 2 classes per "semester", we estimate it will take approximately 4-5 years!

Q. How do I enroll in the program?

A. Visit us at our teaching location before class to register or register online with the link above.

Q. Where can I purchase the books for the courses?

A: We recommend that you purchase course books from your local Islamic Bookstore to support local Muslim businesses.  If not, check online.  Most of, if not all, the course books can be purchased online.  We prefer real paper books over PDF or digital books but the choice is yours!

Q: Will this program be available online for students to review?

A: We highly recommend attending the Diploma Program in person.  Online availability will be on a case by case for enrolled students and for excused absences ONLY. Please speak with the instructor to make arrangements.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the courses?

A: Yes and no.  For the Islamic Sciences there are no prerequisites which allows students to join the program anytime.  The Arabic courses only require the student to be at a level of proficiency relative to the specific course.  The instructor will make an assessment if the student is unsure of their Arabic proficiency.

Q: Can we select the courses we want to take.

A: Yes.  You are certainly welcome to take only the courses that interest you or fit in your schedule, however to obtain a well rounded experience and be awarded the diploma, all courses must be completed successfully.  It is advised to take any and all courses offered as they will more than likely be only offered 1 time until the entire curriculum is complete.

Q: If I miss a semester or cannot take a course due to my busy work/school schedule, can I make-up the course later?

A: Yes, if you are unable to attend you can take the course when it is re-offered or seek permission to take a course online. Again, online facilitation is done on a case by case basis and is not recommended when live attendance is possible.

Q: Why advertise as a tuition-free program when a registration fee is charged?  What is the difference?

A: We have taken all possible efforts to offer this program absolutely free and therefore do not charge tuition.  If a registration fee is required, it is due to usage of facilities or equipment.  Because Al-Hikmah Institute is hosted at local masjids and centers, consideration is given to our hosts to help support them through the registration fee.

Independent Study Program (ISP)

Q. What is the difference between the ISP and Diploma Program?

A. The ISP is an online program which allows students to study independently and at their own pace. The ISP courses are also typically shorter in duration with certifications of excellence awarded after each course to students who meet the criteria.

If you have further questions please email us, or post your question on our page.